Best Elden Ring Farming Spots - East To Farm Elden Ring Runes

8/2/2022 3:48:41 PM

Today bring to you the three best one farms in this game, these three old rune farms months old are still the very best. These three ruined farming spots take place in the Mogwin dynasty area right down here, southeast of Siciorfo river, you can do this two ways, you can do the white face via request line. 

Elden ring farm spots

Best Elden Ring Farming Spots -  East To Farm Elden Ring Runes

Today bring to you the three best one farms in this game, these three old rune farms months old are still the very best. These three ruined farming spots take place in the Mogwin dynasty area right down here, southeast of Siciorfo river, you can do this two ways, you can do the white face via request line. 

1. The muggle and dynasty area 

Using the teleporter located, somewhere around there could be around, but you will end up down here, to get to the muggle and dynasty area for a guide on how you get this thing right here, because this takes you right here too, the pureblood knights medal. 

This is rewarded to you for completing the white face of request line which allows you to get to this beautiful area where all these amazing room farming spots take place, now the actual one grace point, you want to get to here is this one, at that palace approach ledge road, this is where you want to get to, this is by far the best spot in the area for all these ruin farms, so to get to here.

You're probably gonna if you learn about this spot for the first time, you're gonna end up right here, to this grace point from where you spawn in using this metal, from here, you want to turn around jump on your horse and put on, it's a little dark around here, ignore the giant skeletons that will come out the floor and try and eat ignore them just run past them, these big dudes too, you run past them run around here, go left or right here, it doesn't matter, but these will spin at that was close. Then you simply wanna run up, don't worry about these go straight to this grace point right here, now you have the grace activated, now from this part here is where the goodness happened.

This one grace point is surrounded by the three best room farms in the game, the first best in the game without a shadow of that is using the Red sword, the relic sword is rewarded to you for cashing in the remembrance for the last boss in the game, now you take it to the round table cash that in and you get this beast right here.

Sacred Relic Sword 

This allows you to take out all these ads on this hill with more or less a couple of swings, and you'll see the ruins will build up in that bottom corner, this is not on any new game plus, so if you're playing a new game plus, you get many more, so you can get roughly around 70 odd thousand per swing if you use these two at the same time as using the actual the gold scab which increases Elden ring runes as well, so you can just then sit down at this grace stand back up, and then run back do it again, it is that simple other weapons in this game which you can take out these ads on itself, relatively quickly, not as quickly as this weapon, but quite quick which still would make this the best room for him in the game, actually five plus weapons, you can do this with.

2. Daily room farming spots

Once you are here, you then just double jump through the rock and just swing your weapon again, you can use a gold pickled firefoot before you do this, but once you teleport to a grace which just consists of after you've done this, you lose the buff of the gold pickled felf, so you'd have to use it every time you did this, but what's happening here, you have to double jump as well, though you have to be on your horse, so do exactly what double jump through the rock swing, your weapon swinging, your weapon cancels out the death animation, you do this for long enough and all that adds above you will the while the map above these spawns and as will fall to their death, you get all the elden ring runes simple as that and it's probably about 140 every,150 every time, once you get there, there's like two or three bursts of ruins that will pop up on your screen, you'll see that in a second, now you see daily room farming spots.

Within the muggling dynasty area all that consists of you climbing up jumping here, jumping there and double jumping and swinging your weapon, but this is by far the best fastest and easiest one to use within this area, but like you do have to do it, you can see that boost there how much room, it's got then quiet age on people quite a jump, you may get a couple more bursts as well if you keep falling keep swinging before for another few seconds, when you're sure, you've had your elden ring runes, you simply, then just fast travel back to that grace point simple as that then if you want to repeat the process jump on your horse the wrong button and just run back down, to showcase you exactly where it is, so run past all of these don't worry about any of them, they can't catch you, if you're on your speed little horse just like, so come through here, jump over here, and make your way to the back corner, don't worry about that big bird, he can't catch your ass, you're too quick, then you also want to come to this corner.

Just dropped down onto it, and double jump, actually got a locker but that still works, you fall downswing your weapon get your ruins, and they can simply just fast travel back simple as that rinse and repeat, a method which is relatively easy to consists of you having a bowl and loads of apples simple as that so you put it on you might want to lose, you obviously want to handle the weapon, and then you want to come to this spot right here see that bird there, you need to aim for this bird, if they've tried patchiness, not even sure, you'll see the bird nine times out of ten runs off the map.

You'll reset at the grace, you're going to stand in this spot right here,  and you'll quickly just shoot in between that branch, you can see like a c shape here that c shape there, you shoot in between it, once you get the rhythm down the bed runs off the map every time.

Then to that spot, just like so and then just aim for the seat, shoot the bed up his ass, and you'll see Ellie runs off the map, without using the gold pickled foul foot, and you can simply sit back down at the grace stand back up, now as soon as you shot the bird,  you don't have to wait for him to run off, the map can run back down run over here, sit back down, stand back up, run back here, rinse and repeat simple as elect.

Elden ring farming weapons 

Now actually show you a couple of weapons, you can use to farm, these dudes on this hill, obviously you got the relic sword which is just the best in the game.

River of Blood +10

Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear +9

Now, where are they, this magnum sacred spear unbelievable at doing this, actually comes from the main bus in this area by the way, 

if you're confused right up here, kill this dude, you get his remembrance you take it to the round table cash in and pick the weapon.

The ruins great sword

This weapon's great doing this, so again, just stand here,  you're good to get those ruins, people get those rooms, like as you can see, they ain't all as quick as the relic sword, and don't forget these people will some of them will fight back, so your build needs to be quite decent as well, you can also use as well that's what covered some of those magic, some of those spells that sorcery, you can see that's great,  everyone's great, now believe the evening is great, so it comes from enemies here. 

3. The red main castle 

Once you get to this disgrace point here in the red main castle before you're going to fight with darn, there's an enemy here or a couple of enemies here where you get this weapon, so have the relic sword, put that away, and this is radon's weapon, once you kill the Dhan, and these are great, absolutely great suck them in slam them done simple as that suck them in and slam them simple as that they ain't got the distance the rangers other weapons have, but it's still quite powerful, so you're good, you can take quite a lot of them in one, and there you go that's quite good as well.

Now might win secret spirit, which is this beast, it's the same sort of thing as well people, this works wonders, this does work wonders to understand boom kills them pretty quick as well, this weapon's incredible, and again just run down to the bottom of the hill, kill them there does the same thing.

Show you there is another couple, if remember as well as the sorcery inspires, you can take out all these ads too, but these are the best room farms in this game bar none, it will take place in the mugwon dynasty area again.

That will give you the actual period knights medal which is used to get to that area, otherwise, you have to traverse up into the in-game area within the hidden path to the Halley tree, and it's quite a mission it's titled 13 hidden paths and secret locations which showcases exactly where this teleporter is and the white face violet quest line.

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