Elden Ring Glitch - 6 Glitches You should know Early

9/2/2022 11:27:54 AM

Today talking about new glitches exploits in Elden ring patch 1.06, glitches that are not new.

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Elden Ring Glitch - 6 Glitches You should know Early

1. Elden Ring Glitch - Bell Glitch

The first glitch that going to talk about is over at the church of owls what you want to do is head here during the nighttime, because interact with a bell-bearing hunter, so what you want to do is make sure that you do not come too close in contact like this instead, 

head to the right or bottom left of the church, this is going to allow us to exit the church while leading the NPC towards us aka the bell baron hunter, lead NPC towards the southeast towards a specific rock formation that going to jump on top of like, so going to head towards the east, and to jump directly on top of this rock, now there you go, you may not reach it from this side, you also may fall to your death, so try to head to the left here and land on a little bit of a ledge there to kind of give you a boost, once you're up here, you will then want to wait for the bear bearing hunter holy crap, he will eventually throw himself off the map and there you go, you do not have to battle him you can just chill.

2. Elden Ring Glitch - Redmane Castle Glitch

Next up, to head over towards the chamber outside the plaza lost grace, you are going to exit, you will notice that the missed door behind us, then exit out towards the left, head towards the right pass by this NPC, and you should come towards a location, this is the top portion here, then want to head towards the north, as you do head towards the north, take these stairs up, lead towards the very top of this castle which you can do that by going towards the left here, following up watch out for the enemy there, then continue up and as you make your way here, you will notice there are two across, one across and then one behind us, there will also be two to the right, you do not have to worry about them, they will not cause you too much trouble from there.

There go all the way to the bottom of the portion, you'll then open up your bow and aim for the fella right there, which is one of the bosses, this is that you can take them out without fighting them, so this way you could then just battle one boss and not have to go against two at the same time, this will make it way easier. 

3. Elden Ring Glitch - Survive Fall Damage with Ashes of War Glitch

Now head over towards the frenzy, if you are pretty much experiencing, some difficulty with trying to get down here, there is a great glitch that you can use which if you do not have it, the flame of readme and attaching this to your sword or whichever blade you have and using the ashes of war, you will want to use it three times on this enemy right here, and what's gonna happen is when he's stunned on the third one, you will then want to attempt to stab him what's going to happen is if you go towards the ledge and do this you will then survive the fall so pretty neat and easy to do, and most importantly you do not have to waste any time, especially if you suck at pairing, then this is going to help you out a lot.

4. Elden Ring Glitch - Mountaintop Tree Glitch

Another glitch, attach the flame of red again, a skeleton over at the academy here, this is also possible to skip a few levels, so here gonna you know hit him with it, once hit him with it twice, and a third one, some enemies will take twice, you know with the flame, some will take three just depends there you go, to skip down here, grab the Elden ring items and then continue onward, do this at the royal capital.

If you use the Redmi, once then twice go up front use the attack button and then what will happen is you can, slide right on down and skip a good portion of it, so that you can then proceed forward, the commander boss that's located over at the mountaintops, if you head towards the castle soul yet remain at the top portion before you go down, you can then go to a specific tree that's located towards the north you can, then double jump land on top of the tree, then double jump and land right here, you could then land softly and not have to take any type of fall damage, you will want to arrive at the lost grace snow valley overlook, then from there that's where you can head towards the north and jump on top of that tree, and then land right here on top of the castle. 

Once you are here, you could then head here, open up the menu grab your bow and shoot towards the boss, if you try to shoot directly, you will notice that the bow is or the arrow specifically is not going to hit them, so aim a little bit higher, and let the bow kind of arch it's way over this way, you can hit the boss, there is another option which might be a lot easier for a few of you, this would be more, so over here, and that is a cheese slash glitch spot whatever you want to call it, and that's simple to do as well, you just hop here and shoot through the little gap and that way you can, then hit him and trigger him with the poison,  once he's been defeated just wait for that poison to go through. 

5. Elden Ring Glitch - Easy Items Glitches

Moving on forward what you want to do, now is head towards the round table, pick up the spell slash incantation rejection equip that to your spells, and then from there head towards the shaded castle on the left side, just shown on the map, lead this fella towards the right side here, and then use the rejection spell to send them off the map, you will now have a few items that you may not have had before and if you are experiencing difficulty with that enemy, then just use the rejection and send that sucker right off the map, and don't even bother fighting them the same thing goes for this invader as well.

If this one you end up coming across just dodge them, and then use the rejection spell to send the sucker again off the map pretty easy stuff, a lot of you are going to enjoy this one making it a lot easier for those battles, you probably can use that in PVP and kick a few people's butts.

6. Elden Ring Glitch - Ashes of War Item

Next up head over towards a glitch that is well known over at the dynasty entrance since they have patched the right side, currently still working, if you do head towards the north, you can head specifically here do not sprint, just normally you know to go forward and jump with your torrent kind of stick to the right side, and continuously jump up and then you can zigzag your way up to the very top portion here, you can then go forward and jump right off the map towards the left here in the middle easy. 

Next up show you the alternate way which is towards the east here, if you go around the tree, you can then do this method which is a lot easier, but it may be a little bit time-consuming, so just go to the right and jump to the left, then go behind and jump on top, and there you go you're on the top again, you can go to the same spot jump off the map, and constantly swing so that you can, then receive a good amount of Elden ring runes.

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