Elden Ring Tips & Tricks - Best 16 Advanced Tips And Tricks In Elden Ring

7/1/2022 11:28:54 AM

Elden ring has been out for a few months by now and maybe you would assume that if you have played this game for all that time, then by now you will know of everything you can do in this game, but no with a game like an elder ring that is known to be filled with a lot of intricacies and hidden mechanics, there is still a lot, you potentially may not know about.

In this guide, a bunch of Elden Ring tips and tricks are quite obscure, so you can easily never have known about them, but at the same time, they are all very useful. 

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Elden Ring Tips & Tricks - Best 16 Advanced Tips And Tricks In Elden Ring 

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #1 Recover stamina Instantly

The first tip is that when you're getting low on stamina, while for example running in a certain area, there's a trick to immediately restore your stymina while running just press the crouch button, and then stand back up quickly, and you will see that you'll get a huge boost to your stamina pretty much. Immediately this can be very helpful because it's just a toggle and you don't lose your momentum like this as you see and you get a lot of your stamina back, so you can just keep running like that forever basically and use that to your advantage. 

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #2 Most efficient way to remove multiple debuffs 

The second tip is about flame cleanse and this incantation is much more useful than you think, so this incantation when you use it will alleviate the buildup of poison and the scarlet world for you and cures you, if you have them, but that's not all that it's capable of, because, in addition, it will also remove frostbite, if you get that on you the reason for this is because this incantation deals a little bit of fire damage to you when you use it, and thus, in this case, you will remove the frostbite on you every time, you use this incantation this makes it a very useful incantation to always have a route and it gets even better because it only requires 12 fate use and doesn't cost much fp at all this makes it a very efficient tool because it will get rid of three different status effects for you which pretty much-demanding nothing from you in return. 

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #3 The Pouch  

The next tip is going to be one of those things that isn't that obscure but it's one of those tips that you can easily have missed hundreds of hours into the game using your pouch isn't just useful for summons or lighting sources, but it's also great to put one of your flasks in it putting one of the two FP or HP flasks in the pouch will make you have instant access to both of your flasks at any time, unlike when you put them both in the bottom menu option and in that case, you'll also have to scroll between multiple options in the menu, so it adds another step to switching between the two,  it's useful to put one of them in your pouch because when you need to heal for example or quickly need FB, you will immediately get it and don't have to worry about first scrolling to drink the flask you want in a moment and you can then also use both of them very quickly in succession like that which is another benefit.  - Instant HP to FP Flask 

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #4 Using up/down

The last tip is you can also use the up button to quickly return to your first sorcery or incantation when you have the top menu selected, for example, if grails roar as the incantation in the first slot, then just press up and immediately jump back to grails roar to know that you did it successfully, you'll also see a red glow surrounding the incantation or sorcery, and it also works for the bottom menu, the same principle applies, there as well, now for a bunch of weapons in the game when you use their charged attacks, you will just do the charged weapon attack of that weapon makes sense right, but there is a built-in type of hidden combo for some type of weapons in the game, for example, if you use curved swords, you can also do an alternative charge type of attack instead of just the regular charge attack that belongs to the weapon class in that case. 

- Normal Charged Attack (R2/RT)

- Alt. Charged Attack (R2/RT+Dodge)

If you press the charge attack button, but also press the dodge button, while you're attacking, then you will attack, but you will follow it up with a dodge backwards, it's a nice little way to dodge attacks quickly after hitting something, for example, misleading your opponent in PVP and this trick also works for trusting swords or rapiers, by the way, the same principle applies there instead of just having the regular charged attack, this weapon class also allows you to do the charged attack into a backwards dodge after the recent patch. 

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #5 Useful rune change(1.05+) 

Now also you can see all the Elden ring runes you gain from your golden Elden ring runes that are in your inventory, you just have to toggle the description of these when you are in the menu, it is a small change to the game, but, a very nice and welcoming change, if you pick up some of the crafting books in the game, and you want to know exactly what they unlock for you and allow you to make from now on, then similarly you can also go to the menu, go to the crafting book, you have just picked up and read the description, it will list all the new stuff for you that you can craft from now onwards.

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #6 Crystal darts 

Crystal darts are much more useful than you might think and are quite easy to craft as well, making them a very handy tool, if you throw them at imps or watchdogs, you will mess them up and instead of just attacking you, they will now start attacking each other, this is nice because now you can just go and grab some popcorn and enjoy the show while they kill each other for you considering a lot of dungeons are ridden with aggressive imps and watch dogs, these darts are a very nice tool for you to make your life much easier when you have to go through one of these dungeons. 

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #7 Teleport during combat

Somewhere in the early parts of vars questline, you will get the pureblood knights medal, this Elden ring item is much more useful than it initially seems to be because it allows you to teleport and unlike normally you can use this Elden Ring item to teleport while in combat when you have too many Elden ring runes on you, and you just entered a boss fight and now you're stuck, but now you also realize you don't want to lose all those Elden ring runes,  but instead want to make good use of them, and this is a really good example of where this Elden ring item provides to be very useful, as you can just use it mid-fight wave to the boss, and then teleport to a safe location without enemies and go to the grace nearby, for example, level up your Elden ring runes and make sure that you use your Elden ring runes, for example, level up with your Elden ring runes. 

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #8 Never forget to upgrade again(1.05+)

After the recent Elden ring patch 1.05, the developer snuck in a nice little future every time you go to a grace it will now highlight things of importance for you, this is especially useful in the case of your flasks as it was previously quite easy to forget that you have the stuff to upgrade them, but now every time, you have sacred tiers or golden seats and you can upgrade your flasks, it will be emphasized for you and will help out with never forgetting to upgrade your stuff again.

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #9 Rowa raisins addict 

If your horse gets injured during battle, then you can easily heal him up without needing to use your healing flask, use the roa raisins for this purpose, it's actually a food item that many people don't know about, but it's made for torrent and when feeding it to him, he will heal up again making arrow raisins is easy, as it only requires one row of fruit for every row of raisin, and if you're familiar with raw fruit,  then you know that you can just get it pretty much everywhere, this stuff is everywhere, so it's very easy to turn them into row raisins and get a bunch to quickly heal your horse.

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #10 Fabulous 

If you play co-op, then the deathbed dress is a nice item to have as you will heal your allies, you won't heal yourself though and this might make you think that this item is completely useless in single-player, but you can get its benefit as well in single-player, just make sure that you have a mimic tier, and then equip the dress resulting into your Mimi tier also wearing it, and since the mimic, there is your ally one plus one, you will get healed when you're standing close to the mimic tier,  now this is obviously if you can get past the fabulous fashion of this clothing piece.

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #11 Raptor of the mists is god-tier 

The mist is more useful ash of war than you might think, you can use it to phase through those annoying chariots which makes it so much easier to get through the various dungeons filled with these things with this ash of war, you will now never get hit again and the best thing is that its ash of war that you can apply on many different types of weapons, so you can just get a lightweight throwaway weapon put the ash of war on it and there you have a nice tool to trivialize the chariots in the game.

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #12 Margaret's shackles is a must-buy

Margaret's shackles is a really lovely item outside of its intended use of stunning market, you can buy this item from patches and the additional use, it has outside of its intended use is that you can use this item to get rid of the illusionary walls in various places in the game, you can also use them to activate or deactivate the various pillar traps in the game, it's an item that you can use infinitely, and it only costs a few thousand Elden ring runes, so it's definitely a must buy, it is a funny item, because the thing with market shackle is that its range is huge, if you use it to dispel an illusionary wall that you can visually see, it will not only dispel that well for you, but also pretty much all of the other illusionary walls in the cave that you're currently in makes it very convenient as with one press of a button, you now pretty much clear an entire cave filled with illusionary walls, and it works exactly the same for fire pillars you can for example use it to destroy the chariots in aurisa's hero's grave at pretty much the start of the dungeon instead of having to go through the entire dungeon as it gives you the opportunity to deactivate the fire pillar near the entrance for you from a huge distance resulting into the chariots colliding and you getting your rewards this means that the massive range of the shackles isn't just horizontal and it extends to a vertical axis as well and the effect reaches very high or very deep places.

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #13 Attack to see if fall is fatal 

You can also just use the forward momentum of attacking with a weapon to see if the fall is going to be fatal or not if the game prevents you from going any further, then it means the fall will kill you and if the game lets the forward momentum of the swing of the weapon make you go forward, while you're on a ledge, then it means that the fall will not kill you a useful tactic.

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #14 Reset aggro 

 if you want to reset aggro or drop combat in a certain area is just quit and load back in and you will have reset all the aggro of that area is especially useful if you want to get op early, for example, and thus are a low-level picking up stuff in higher-level zones and you don't want to deal with mobs or enemies attacking you, especially the ones that attack you from very far away will often keep aggro on you, no matter the distance and this trick does wonder because quitting the game and subsequently loading back in, just resets all of that and you can continue like nothing ever. 

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #15 Underrated pots + kill hands quickly 

Happened volcanic bots are highly underrated and if you know, then you know these are especially useful on melee builds, as they give a nice ranged option that is pretty much free to craft, for example, a very practical use case of this bolt is versus, those annoying and aggressive hands that you can find in the mountain tops of the giants' area or carrier Maynard, the damage has a nice spread and it's an aoe type of damage resulting into you easily chainsacking, these hands and killing them off like that they deal good damage and they are pretty much free to get and that is the case, because they only require volcanic stones and mount gelmir is pretty much filled with these type of stones, so it's very easy to get and the correct pulse that you use to make these volcanic bolts can infinitely be resupplied, so you never run out of them.

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks #16 Hidden mechanics of arrow's reach talisman 

The arrows reach talisman doesn't just affect arrows, it affects a bunch of sorceries ashes of wars and incantations pretty much everything that has some sort of fall off in their trajectory when used or cast, its best use case is with rock sling, if you watch mage builds you know that this is very good bread and butter type of sorcery and if you give buffs to something that is already really good then it becomes even better obviously.

Some examples:

- Rock Sling

- Blackflame

- Kukri

- Spectral Lance

- Great Oracular Bubble

- Ambush Shard

- Bestial Sling

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