Elden Ring Rivers of Blood 1.06 vs 1.05 - Best Rivers of Blood Build After 1.06

8/16/2022 4:11:46 PM

Is the Rivers of Blood build still good after Patch 1.06 in Elden Ring? Let’s see how the Rivers of Blood got nerfed through the comparison of the 1.06 and 1.05 versions. And the best Elden Ring 1.06 Rivers of Blood build with armor, talismans, flask, incantation, and stats. 

Elden Ring Rivers of Blood 1.06 vs 1.05 - Is Rivers of Blood Still Good after Nerfs

In the Elden Ring 1.06 Patch Notes, the developer said that they decreased the damage and bleed buildup of weapon skill “Corpse Piler” only carried by the Rivers of Blood. When hit by the blade, the damage is only decreased slightly.

When you do the single sits, Patch 1.06 Rivers of Blood finishes at 1651. With the Unique Skill Corpse Piler which was nerfed in 1.06, it's going to be a six-head combo and it's going to finish up with 4695 with no talismans and no buff. Patch 1.05 of the rivers of blood with the exact same thing finishes in 1753. It does deal more damage at patch 1.05.

Looking at the special skill of the Rivers of Blood, what it does do with the successive attacks? The Rivers of Blood 1.05 is godly, you do not need the final blow to bring down that foe, so he is actually taken down by five hits instead of six whereas with 1.06 RoB, you still needed about 12 hits to be able to take him down.

Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Build 1.06 - How to Make Rivers of Blood Build in Elden Ring After 1.06

Should you still use Rivers of Blood build in Elden Ring after Patch 1.06? Is Rivers of Blood still good? Take a look at the Elden Ring 1.06 Rivers of Blood build from LaserBolt, check out what ER items are useful for making the weapon still overpowered. 

Firstly use the White Mask, White Reed Gauntlets, and White Reed Greaves in the armor. 


- Shard of Alexander

- Fire Scorpion Charm: it raises the fire attack but lowers damage negations, this is very important for any build that has to do with the Rivers of Blood. Not only are we taking advantage of fire damage, then on top of that, we are also going to be taking advantage of the Blood loss buildup, and with the white mask is going to help us increase damage with update 1.06.

- Millicent’s Prosthesis: it's going to prog at three different stages, you are going to have three different attacks with the rivers of blood going perfectly 

- Lord of Blood’s Exultation: this one is going to increase the attack power when blood loss is in the vicinity.

Flask of Wondrous Physick

- Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear: this is going to boost fire attacks by additional three minutes.

- Thorny Cracked Tear: this one's going to do is going to boost successive attack power, like what the Rivers of Blood do, so you can take advantage of that. 


Moving on to the incantations, you can use Flame Grant me Strength, it is going to increase the damage in your weapon, it can boost everything that is in the build, with the unique skill of Rivers of Blood, the White Mask, and all the talismans. It can be still fun and powerful even though it got nerfed and even though it is not the same as 1.05. 


Finally, we are going to look at the stats of the level 150 Elden Ring 1.06 Rivers of Blood build. Strength is going to be at 15 for enough to wield the Rivers of Blood weapon, 15 for faith to be able to use the incantation for Flame Grant me Strength and arcane is going to be at 80 because of the attributes required for the Rivers of Blood. 

- Vigor 35

- Mind 25

- Endurance 25

- Strength 15

- Dexterity 30

- Intelligence 9

- Faith 15

- Arcane 80

elden ring 1.06 rivers of blood