ACNH October Update & Fall Changes 2022 - Animal Crossing October Events, Items, DIYs and More

9/5/2022 11:11:23 AM

October is the second month of fall, and we’ll have the big event Halloween at the end of this month in Animal Crossing. What can you expect in ACNH October update 2022? Let’s get into the new events and items for October, as well as fall changes. 

ACNH October Update & Fall Changes 2022

ACNH October Update 2022 - Animal Crossing October Events and Items 2022

During October, you are able to pick a ton of items and materials in the game, even though there are new major updates from Nintendo this year. 

1. Day of the Dead 2022 (October 25 to November 3)

Day of the Dead is a Nook Shopping seasonal event in ACNH based on the real-world holiday originated in Mexico, which is traditionally celebrated on November 1 and November 2, it is held to honor the deceased with parades, decorated graves, and skeleton costumes. In New Horizons, players can purchase the Marigold Decoration from October 25 to November 3. 

- Seasonal items: Marigold Decoration

2. Halloween 2022 (October 31)

Halloween is one of the most important regular events in the Animal Crossing series including New Horizons. You can start preparing it from October 1, because, throughout the month, you can buy Candy from Nook’s Cranny once a day and Halloween-themed costumes from Able Sisters. On the day of October 31, the Halloween event will start from 5 PM to 12 AM, the host Jack will appear on your island and players can win rewards from him, also obtaining Animal Crossing items in the Spooky set by exchanging candy and lollipops. 

Halloween items:

Spooky items that you can buy from Nook’s Cranny:

Spooky Arch

Spooky Candy Set

Spooky Chair

Spooky Lantern

Spooky Lantern Set

Spooky Scarecrow

Spooky Standing Lamp

Spooky Table

Spooky Tower

Spooky Treats Basket 

Spooky Tree 

Spooky Trick Lamp 

Spooky items that can only be earned during Halloween Night:

Spooky Flooring

Spooky Garland 

Spooky Rug

Spooky Table Setting 

Spooky Wall

Spooky items that can be exchanged from Jack for Lollipops:

Spooky Carriage 

Spooky Wand

You can customize these above spooky set items into different colors with pumpkins.

Halloween costumes & clothing items:

Flashy Animal Costume

Mage's Dress

Magic-Academy Robe

Raggedy Outfit

Flashy Pointy-Ear Animal Hat

Flashy Round-Ear Animal Hat

Impish Horns

Mage's Striped Hat

Magic-Academy Hood

Animal Nose

Horizontal-Striped Tights

Flashy Animal Boots

Mage's Boots

Impish Wings

Jack's Robe

Jack's Face

ACNH October DIY Recipes 2022

Starting from September 1, you can collect the materials to craft items from tje Tree's Bounty or Leaves Series in ACNH, mainly equire Acorns, Pine Cones, Clump of Weeds, and Maple Leaf. 

- Tree's Bounty Recipes: September 1 to December 10

ACNH Tree's Bounty Items

Acorn Pochette: 6 x Acorn

Leaf Campfire: 3 x Pine Cone, 5 x Clump of Weeds, 3 x Tree Branch

Pile of Leaves: 3 x Pine Cone, 5 x Clump of Weeds

Yellow Leaf Pile: 3 x Acorn, 5 x Clump of Weeds

Pine Bonsai Tree: 8 x Pine Cone, 5 x Clay

Traditional Balancing Toy: 4 x Acorn,  2 x Hardwood

Tree's Bounty Big Tree: 5 x Pine Cone, 4 x Acorn,  4 x Maple Leaf, 8 x Tree Branch, 4 x Clay

Tree's Bounty Little Tree: 6 x Pine Cone, 4 x Acorn,  1 x Hardwood

Tree's Bounty Lamp: 6 x Acorn,  4 x Clay

Tree's Bounty Mobile: 2 x Pine Cone, 3 x Acorn, 3 x Tree Branch

Trees Bounty Arch: 4 x Pine Cone, 5 x Acorn, 5 x Maple Leaf, 15 x Tree Branch

ACNH Fall 2022 - When Does Fall Start & When Do Leaves Change Color in Animal Crossing

Fall or Autumn in Animal Crossing New Horizons begins on September 1 and ends on November 25 for Northern Hemisphere, while lasts from March 1 to May 23 for Southern Hemisphere. 

Starting from autumn, the tree leaves will gradually change their color to an orange-brown and the grass becomes duller. There are some important dates when the color of grass and leaves has an obvious change. 

- September 8: the grass and leaves become a greenish-yellow color.

- September 16: the grass and leaves will become more yellowish.

- October 17: the leaves will become yellow.

- October 25: the regular trees will become yellow. 

- November 2: the grass will become light orange.

- November 18: the grass will become red. 

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