Animal crossing new horizons autumn update 2022 - 6 Secrets ACNH Autumn Hidden Features horizons

9/8/2022 4:28:45 PM

Today celebrating the beginning of the super cosy Animal crossing new horizons of Autumn season, and diving into some animal crossing new horizons features Secrets, What happens in autumn in Animal Crossing? You probably didn't know were a thing or details that can easily be missed.  Plus go over some useful information for newer players, for good measure. So if you’re excited about the Autumn Season. Anyway, your time is precious, so let's get into it. 


Animal crossing new horizons autumn update 2022 - 6 Secrets ACNH Autumn Hidden Features horizons 

What is the fall update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

1. Animal crossing new horizons fall update - Drop Rates 

ACNH autumn update drop Rates. Now with it being the Autumn Season, and before getting into the cool stuff, to address the Drop Rates of the Acorns and Pine Cones. During the Autumn, it's possible to use Acorns and Pine Cones to craft ACNH items from the Trees Bounty Series, but they're pretty hard to find.

In fact, every time you shake a tree, there's a 70% chance nothing will drop, a 27% chance a Tree Branch will drop and only a 3% chance an Acorn or Pine Cone will spawn. So there's really no trick here, but the best way to find them is to continuously shake a tree until 14 Acorns and Pine Cones fall, then move onto the next. 

2. Animal crossing new horizons fall update - Free Acorns 

Free Acorns in ACNH autumn, now the good news is, it is Autumn and there is secret waiting for you at Harv's Island. During the Autumn Season, the Special Character Cornimer can be found in Tortimer's place. He functions in the same way and offers players access to the Storage, but given he loves Autumn so much, it's worth chatting to him, if you're visiting. It's possible to speak to Cornimer every single day and obtain a batch of free Acorns. Now just how rare they actually are from the drop rates, it's a super useful feature in animal crossing new horizons autumn update.

3. Animal crossing new horizons fall update - Rare Mushroom

Rare Mushroom, now later on during the Autumn Season, Mushrooms will begin spawning alongside Acorns and Pine Cones and for the most part, are pretty easy to find. With the exception of one the Rare Mushroom. Unlike the other Mushrooms, the Animal Crossing New Horizons Rare Mushroom actually spawns underground, like Fossils and Gyroids. However, their rarity varies depending on your Island Rating. 



3-Star Rating %


4-Star Rating %


Rare Mushroom






 There's only a 1% chance of a Rare Mushroom spawning on Animal Crossing New Horizons Islands with a 3-star rating. There's a 5% chance of a Rare Mushroom spawning on Islands with a 4-star rating. And, it jumps to a 10% chance of a Rare Mushroom spawning on Islands with a 5-star rating. Which strangely is one of the few benefits of actually having a 5-star Island. Plus a little bonus fact for you,  in launch copies of Animal Crossing New Horizons,  Rare Mushrooms look like this. But since the first ever update, they now look like this which design do you like best?  

4. Animal crossing new horizons fall update -  King Salmon

King Salmon, there are two important things to know about Critters. Some of them are exclusive to specific Months or Seasons, and others require unlocking before they can even be encountered during those times. And on rare occasions, some critters fall under both of these categories.

Typically you can catch King Salmon at the mouths of Rivers during the Autumn Season. But if they weren't rare enough, they won't even spawn, until you’ve unlocked them. It's pretty simple though, to open a King Salmon, you have to catch 20 other fish. 

Only then will they begin spawning. Of course, this is a super small detail in the animal crossing new horizons fall update, but it is for the newer players out there.

5. Animal crossing new horizons fall update - Post Cards 

Post Cards, a feature that almost certainly isn’t used as much as it should be, of course, the Card Stand that can be found inside Dodo Airlines. This replaces the  Post Office from previous games but allows you to send Letters to yourself, Friends and of course Villagers. But something you may have missed is the limited-time  Post Card designs that appear throughout the year. 

During Autumn 7, special designs can be used for a limited time, in honour of the Season and the Events that take place. These include the Hibiscus, the Acorn, the  Mushroom and the Carpet of Leaves Cards, and of course, Autumn Designs. Towards the end of the Season, the Halloween, the Pumpkin and the Turkey Day Cards will also become available during their corresponding Events. Again, a tiny detail, but if you love sending letters, you're definitely going to want to make use of these animal crossing new horizons Autumn Designs. 

6. Animal crossing new horizons fall update - Spooky Aerobics 

Spooky Aerobics, now even if you're a new player, everyone knows about Group Stretching by now. It's the Morning Aerobics feature activated by the radio at the Plaza and sees Players. 

Residents come together to do some exercises. But something you probably didn't know is for a short time during the Spooky Season, Group Stretching is a little more fun to watch than normal. Between October 28th and October 31st, when the animal crossing new horizons Island is decorated for Halloween, many Villagers dress up in Halloween costumes, and this includes 6 Special Characters. 

Anyway, if you happen to take part in the Group Stretching activity during this time,  the Villagers, including the Special Characters can all be seen stretching whilst wearing their Halloween costumes and accessories. 

The special characters who dress up include Tom Nook, Isabelle, Timmy and Tommy, Mabel and Orville. To see special characters wearing something other than their normal clothing, especially outside of their shops. Of course, this isn't a game-changing secret, but something that's easily missed and detail you simply have to see, while you can. So there we have a few hidden details and secret features you may have missed.  

Do you know of any other secrets and features exclusive to the ACNH Autumn Season? 

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