7 Best Powerful Elden Ring Weapons You Should Know

3/21/2022 3:15:52 PM

Today brings a set of seven weapons for Elden ring, seven weapons you won't want to miss. This guide contains a brief description of each weapon and where to find them, hopefully, to help you perform better in Elden ring! 


7 Best Powerful Elden Ring Weapons You Should Know 

1. Best Elden Ring Weapon: Death's Poker

The first is is the death's poker, this wielding bayonet stick is a great sword, it has a very special shape and wields like a normal greatsword, the exception of course is that when you press the war ash's it will create a small ghost flame in front of you, shoot the flame out with a quick light attack to create a wave in front of you, it will be on the floor Stay on the floor for a short period of time, or quickly with a strong attack that causes a huge ghost flame to explode around you.

To use this weapon you need to have 15% Strength, 17% Dexterity and 11% Strength, and 11 Intelligence to get it.

Location: Head to the southern area of caled, the aeonia swamp bank site of grace in the south, then especially at night immediately head southeast and encounter quite a boss of a terrible sight that drops the Death Poker Greatsword for you once you die.

2. Best Elden Ring Weapon: Rosus' Axe

The star of the show today is the roses axe, a magnificent work of art of an Elden ring weapon almost worth wielding when you see its unique skill, roses summons, which will launch a downward attack on your opponent while also summoning three skeleton warriors that mimic you, who mimic your animations from different angles, in order to use this effectively. In order to use this Elden ring weapon effectively, you need to have 18 Points Of Strength, 10 Of Dexterity, And 18 of Intelligence.

Location: In order to get it, you can go to black knife catacombs, located on the east coast of Lyonia, you can reach it by walking down the south path to black knife catacombs, from the south path all the way to the farthest in here, you can do the main boss, but be aware that in here, you can do the main boss, but this is not the source of this weapon. This is just a few corridors into this area and you will come across a stone sword door on the left, open it and you will find a mature roses axe head inside.

3. Best Elden Ring Weapon: Siluria's Tree

Siluria's tree, a very cool decorative tree ball, maybe should mention the unique technique of this thing, spinning the outer part of the spear-like a drill, before inserting the weapon into the ground if you charge it, will also fire a sacred projectile at your target, your target is a whole, this looks great, it's a completely different mechanic than most in the game, at least visually to use it properly you need 27 Strength, 13 Dexterity, 27 Strength, 13 Dexterity and 20 Faith to get it.

Location: You must reach the deep root depths region area on the map, which is one of two things, either from nakron the eternal city, which is unlocked by the in-game rainy questline, or bypassing under the bottom of these sewers, the capital city of Lindell.

Start at the ancestral woods site of grace, then follow the path north until you slowly reach a stone path from there, you'll see a relatively straightforward stone path. From here, you will now go deeper into the depths to reach the target weapon, you will need to reach the westernmost end of this area, the closest sanctuary to this place is the nameless eternal city, you will need to go west from there, jump off the cliff and then jump onto the spirit spring in front of you, to reach defeat the boss there and they will drop the tree of Siluria for you.

4. Best Elden Ring Weapon: Scorpion's Stinger

Scorpion stinger dagger, this nice gadget is actually the stinger of a scorpion with a handle attached, it's definitely a good thing. This Elden ring weapon uses scarlet rot by default, and any enemy in the game will be destroyed by it. Using it on a dagger is very special, enough warning for it to appear here, although its weapon skill isn't the most unique, it's repeating thrust, which you can apply to any stinger weapon in the game, but this is a dagger, not a stinger weapon. Anyway, to use this thing, all you need is 6 strength, 12dexterity, and you'll be able to apply scarlet rot in no time.

Location: To get it, you need to go to the lake of rot region area in the game, which you will reach at the end of the Ranny quest. This contains the entire experience, progressing through the questline until you reach the lake of rot region directly south from here, crossing the lake to reach a more ornate area with a magnificent cloister, and looking down from here to the ruins of an elegant cloister. At the end of the path, there is a large stone structure with a ton of praying prawns on it, around it, try to say this five times and watch out for the building, they are looking at, inside is the weapon you are currently looking for.

5. Best Elden Ring Weapon: Star Fist

Starfist, what if your arm was a morning star? Literally, this gives you a big ball covered with spikes for hands, it's the fist weapon move set, and it uses it on both hands, there's a blood loss phenomenon that gives you two hands, and it has the skill endure, it briefly increases damage reduction and stance, this skill can be replaced, mainly this weapon here, they just want to walk around with spiked fists and beat things to death, so this is for you scary people, you need 12 strength and 8 dexterity.

Location: in order to get it you have to get to Glendale, the capital area in the game, start at the capital on the west side, go south to grace square instead of going up the tree branches, continue along the bridge, turn right towards the strongest enemy, then turn left again and go up at the slope of the path, follow this path to the end and find a building on your right overhang place, in the building on your right, there is a cliff with a corpse inside, holding a starfist.

6. Best Elden Ring Weapon: Blade of Calling

The blade of calling, which is essentially the holy black blade dagger, is notable because they both require FAITH in order to use both blades, and they both use part of the holy damage. The weapon skill here is the blade of calling weapon skill, it is called blade of gold, it is almost frame by frame, and black knife's animation is exactly the same.

One is lighting the blade up, two is extending it an acrobatic flip in the air, and then a forward slicing horizontal projectile, the main difference is the difference is that this move is the main difference is that this is direct holy damage compared to the black fire

You can see some of the alternate properties you've built up around the black fire, you're wielding the blade of calling around, holding the blade of calling in one hand, and the black knife in the other. these two knives kind of oddly complement each other, considering the fact that they're on In order to use this properly, you need to have 6 strength, 13 dexterity, and 15 faith.

Location: In order to get this weapon, you need to reach the mountaintop of the giants region in the game. Once you reach the top of the mountain and turn around, you will find a secret room where a dagger is prepared for you.

7. Best Elden Ring Weapon: One-Eyed Shield

A shield or a cannon, basically both, this is a unique the one-eyed shield, a shield made in the image of the one-eyed is a shield made in the image of the one-eyed of the fire giants. What you see is a great shield with pretty good defensive stats and a super cool unique skill to use it to prepare for a shot that you want to hold in front of you but can't move and then once you release it, you shoot forward in an arc like mortar, like mortar, releasing a huge flame, it's a cool weapon, to use it you need 36 strength.

Location: you need to go to the top of the hill where the guardians are stationed in the giant area, just southwest of the white ridge road, go to the entrance in front of the front gate, turn left, then go up this ladder, go through the walls above, then break these crates to find a wooden walkway behind you, you can follow this walkway to the real top, where you will come face to face with an invader wielding this weapon. Win the battle with them yourself and keep the loot simple.

This is also another set of 7 Elden ring weapons that you don't want to miss out on here, so be sure to remember to keep an eye on these Elden ring items in the game! If you want to get more Elden ring weapons, Elden ring gold also helpful, welcome buy the useful items from MTMMO.COM, constant delivery and safe deal! 

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