What to Do with Gyroids in ACNH - 5 Best Animal Crossing Gyroid Display Ideas

7/19/2022 2:19:09 PM

Gyroids can not only be used as decorations but also make distinct sounds, what’s the best place to put them, and what to do with gyroids in ACNH? Here we have the 5 best Animal Crossing New Horizons gyroid display ideas for your island build. 

What to Do with Gyroids in ACNH - 5 Best Animal Crossing Gyroid Display Ideas  

Gyroids in Animal Crossing New Horizons are a type of furniture item that are available in different shapes, colors, sizes and sounds. You can tap a gyroid to turn it off, which makes the gyroid return to a fixed, stationary position and stop making noise. Most gyroids can be customized to various color variations and displayed in lots of locations to fit your design or build. Below are 5 great ACNH gyroid display ideas from Lemurling (Scenic Lemuria). 

Castle and column toppers 

The first place you can display your gyroid is the column topper or spire, and the gyroid used for this build is Bendoid. The shape of this gyroid with his little crenelated top really fits in with the castles, you can add this little design to your castle build in New Horizons. It is full of vitality and energy when it is active, they act like little guards to your building. But when you stop and turn them off they become more like toppers or caps to the columns. With the columns, you can tap the column and the gyroid on top will turn off. But you can't turn off a gyroid in the middle of these castle towers. If you put something up there you won't be able to turn the gyroid off and make them immobile. 

Animal Crossing Gyroid Display Idea 1

Museum arts

The second way to use gyroid in ACNH is for art exhibitions in museums, especially if you don’t have other items to use in this kind of build. Gyroids used here include Boioingoid, Rumbloid, Dootoid, Bwongoid, Rattloid. These gyroids work very well with those pots, vases, and statues inside the glass display cabinets, they are cute little statues, creepy artifacts, or just to be sort of abstract. You can put the same-color gyroid with your collected statues, fossils, or other ACNH art items. It just gives you more things to put in a museum. Choose the variation that matches the Animal Crossing item it is next to in order to fit a certain theme or a certain color scheme. 

Animal Crossing Gyroid Display Idea 2

Pottery and vase

The ceramic studio is a kind of unique and popular idea in Animal Crossing, which inspires another great way to do with gyroid is using it as a vase or pottery. In this gyroid design, you can find Whistloid, Boomoid, Tremoloid, Squeezoid, and Rattloid. Brown and green gyroids blend in well here. Some of them have sort of a vase-like shape or a bottle shape or a pot shape. And especially from the side, you won't notice their faces, or if you turn them completely around. With the gyroids on the wall, only from the edge do they look just like pots. 

Animal Crossing Gyroid Display Idea 3

Cacti and more plants

Moving on to the next gyroid display idea, their around, green body is very suitable to make fake plants, especially cacti or cactus, and their little arms become part of the arms of the cactus or the succulent. Here you can find Scatteroid, Spikenoid, Squeakoid, and Flutteroid. It turns out there are actually several different gyroids that look really cute in green. There are a lot of different shapes that succulents come in, this is a really easy way to add just a few more kinds of vegetation, especially to a desert or western dry landscape. If you were outside you could also plant weeds to sort of blend in a little bit and make the cacti look more like a part of the landscape.

Animal Crossing Gyroid Display Idea 4

Farm animals and forest sprites

The final idea to display gyroids is to use them as animals or as sort of forest sprites, keep them moving, and make sounds to bring life to your farm or forest area. You can put lots of other Animal Crossing items to use as other animals such as pigs and dogs, and gyroids can provide a little bit of a spooky atmosphere, especially at night. They're making noise just to give it a slightly different sound and have a little bit of movement. 

Animal Crossing Gyroid Display Idea 5